Online ticket purchase procedure

If you do not have a registration, register by specifying a valid e-mail address and Names. Log in to your account through the "Login" button on the site. If you forgot your password, use the "Forgot password" link.

  1. Click the Buy Tickets link against the name and date of the show you selected.
  2. Select locations according to the room plan and click the Confirm button.
  3. Click the Payment button.
  4. You will be redirected to the ePay.bg payment system.
  5. After successful payment, the system will take you back to the theater site and from the Orders menu you can see all the payments made for tickets.
  6. Download your order and print the PDF.

The entrance to the theater is done with a printed receipt of a paid electronic ticket with a barcode, which is scanned at the entrance. The login barcode can also be scanned directly from your mobile device. If there is no Buy Ticket button against the date of the show, the sale has not yet begun or is already terminated. The price of tickets purchased through the site is only regular, according to the price plan of the spectacle. The maximum number of seats that can be paid online is 8. The tickets purchased online are not re-credited.

The system does NOT send confirmation emails !!!


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